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Get A Move On - Early On!

Posted: 2015-07-17 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

young athlete on startIt is hardly uncommon to be confused when thrown into the big bad world of jobs once your studies are over, even if the field is one that is as booming as the IT sector in the UK. To make sure that you are on the top of your game, we have put together an array of tips on what you can do from your end before you finish school:


Getting the timing right: Which month is best to apply for a tech job?

Posted: 2015-06-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Mark the calendar to go to a new jobThe tech jobs of today require strenuous hours and some serious sacrifices, so setting up an atmosphere slated for success is the best way to proceed. Amongst the various hacks on how to bag that elusive tech job is also the oft neglected aspect of timing. It's true that being at the right time at the right place can up your career. While most candidates concentrate on fishing out the perfect references on penning an impressive cover letter, they fail to bear in mind that snagging the job can, at the end of the day, one thing is central: timing, timing, timing. â€‹

Three types of employees every startup needs

Posted: 2015-06-22 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Confident businesswoman (image: correctly can be one of those defining factors that can turn a business around. Especially when you are dealing with a start-up. It is essential to not only bring in the right people, with the right mindset, but also to place them strategically, in roles that will benefit the organisation and also them personally. Only then is it possible to create a quality product, a brand with a strong presence, and a loyal base of regular customers who will increase your sales margins every day.

An Insider's Guide to A Candidate's Mind

Posted: 2015-06-16 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
As a hirer, your job is to gather the right pool of talent for your organisation. People generally assume that it is the hirer who is in the driver's seat and that the employee is the one at a disadvantage, and as a result, sympathies often lie with the jobseeker. Today, there is a wealth of information for the candidate: an abundance of websites which help the candidate to prepare and ace interviews, books that one can buy with the click of a button or the tap of a screen, trainers who can help them every step of the way, from diction to negotiation. But for hirers, the support is limited. Sometimes, you may have a perfect candidate slip through your fingers, and with it your bonus and reasonable loss for your company. So we have prepared a checklist that will help you to zone in on how to ensure that such things don't occur:

How to hire for cyber security roles

Posted: 2015-06-16 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
The IT industry is a behemoth, and the roles are varied. A myriad of new roles are popping up every other day as the technologies get more and more complicated; now companies are hunting for technology brokers, user experience gurus, cloud integration specialist and so on. Some of the roles which have however stayed as important, that is if they have not gathered more steam in fact, are those that fall in the purview of cyber security. This is because the UK today recognises cyber attacks as a high priority risk. And it remains a tough spot to hire for even today. Here is a list that will help you recruit for a job in this area:

How to bag that dream job

Posted: 2015-06-11 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
The IT job market of Britain is on s high - it is growing, developing and flourishing-- which means that there are lots of dream jobs out there, but also a fair bit of competition, to put it mildly. Which is why you need to polish your interviewing skills before making an appearance at that make or break interview with a coveted organisation where you want your role to be more than a cameo

Digital hiring and how to crack it

Posted: 2015-05-11 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Social media button on a keyboardYou might think that social media, the definitive technological breakthrough of recent times, is outstanding for communication, journalism, networking, socialising, sharing and disseminating news, encouraging public engagement on various serious issues, marketing and exchanging ideas. But the internet in general and social media in particular is one world where the sky is the limit and impossible is nothing, which obviously means that the latter has not only shaped but revolutionised certain fields. One such area where social media is doing a phenomenal job in is recruiting, especially in the tech sector. This piece will shed some light on how it is so and how the candidate can turn the tables on the recruiters by using the same weapon:

Acing the interview: Tips and sample questions

Posted: 2015-04-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Business people waiting for job interviewAt any job interview, the goal is to answer questions, professional or personal, in a way that the interviewer is impressed and so that you can land the job. For the same, one needs to do their homework and either be confident or project an extremely confident image in case one finds oneself blanking out. In such situations, it is also an art to avoid, or be ambiguous about, certain questions without seeming dodgy or vague. Today's interviewers, especially in the tech field, are well-versed with tactics that will put pressure on you and test your limits, and often ask questions which may have nothing to do with the field: it could be related to current affairs or could be something that requires presence of mind or it could be a complete test of wits.Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Tactics for hiring future tech stars

Posted: 2015-04-27 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Busy young woman working at her deskPerhaps the biggest hurdle for any business, be it big or small, is hiring the right talent. This is especially true in the tech field, which is growing swiftly, and where the hiring process is therefore not as straightforward as other fields. Today, recruiting is regarded as a science and hiring managers are rightly acknowledged as the key employees that can turn a company around by spotting the best candidates. We have put together a guide which can help you to identify a prospective employee who will take your organisation to greater heights. Here are the four golden rules:

IT specialists: How to negotiate the best possible pay package

Posted: 2015-04-08 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
handshakeSo you have got yourself a job offer for an exciting IT specialist role - congratulations! But without the right know-how on the crucial next step of salary negotiation, you could lose out. Candidates whose worth might otherwise be much higher in the market, might find themselves given a raw deal. Having the smarts to negotiate an offer is a quality that is valuable in any field, and more so in the tech industry. I have often seen candidates making the same mistakes. Here are the top pitfalls you should avoid:

Your candidate is 'overqualified'? Good!

Posted: 2015-02-18 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
job interview (image: word 'overqualified' has a a negative connotation, but hiring candidates who bring 'too much' into a new role can be a huge advantage for any business. We bring a few recommendations how to select the right highly qualified candidate for the vacancy at hand.

Pre-interview tips for bilingual job seekers

Posted: 2015-02-12 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
A diverse attractive man and woman business team handshake at office building (image: you have got yourself an interview, but your potential new employer has sent the same generic guidelines to all your competitors, and if you only bank on those do's and don'ts, it's highly possible that you won't get anywhere too far. Sounds discouraging? Don't lose hope yet, especially if you are a bilingual. Here are some tips for scoring one above your competitors the easy way:

Passively yours - the art of approaching passive job candidates

Posted: 2015-02-07 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

There are active candidates and then there are those who are not actively looking for a new job opportunity. These passive candidates are currently employed, which means not desperate, and can afford the luxury to wait for an opportunity which will be truly worthwhile for them. Passive candidates who are skilled in various areas in their field tend to be more picky, especially if they are bilingual or multilingual professionals. Here are some tips how you can tap into the pool of passive candidates.


5 ways to escape the experience conundrum

Posted: 2015-01-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

Graduate wearing Cap and GownThere are many ways around getting a job that you are fit for but you think you lack the experience in. If you are confident of your skills and think you can perform, meet your targets and deadlines and benefit the company, then little should stand in your way, least of all work experience. After all, how could we ever become experienced bilingual specialists in any job, if every new position requires you to have previous experience already? Here are some tips that will help you escape the experience trap and land the multilingual job of your dreams.

Hire The Jobless. Seriously.

Posted: 2014-12-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Job interviewerIf you think that, as a hiring manager, you should only be targeting those who are currently employed, then we should warn you that you are likely to miss out on some of the most suitable and motivated candidates. Gone are the days when it is taken for granted that anyone worth thei salt will be employed, and that if anyone is not, then there must be something seriously wrong with him or her. We have put together a few points that will help you get past the prejudices against hiring someone who's unemployed and help you find your man (or woman).

The rise of non-traditional IT roles

Posted: 2014-12-22 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

Confident businesswoman (image:, one of the world's most respected IT research and consultancy company, had some startling announcements to make a few days back. The first was the least shocking: Gartner said that the surge for non-traditional roles in the digital business will be exponential within the next three years. Gartner however bewildered many with the stats that it produced: it predicted that digital business will require 50% less business process workers while the key digital business jobs will rise by a whopping 500% as compared to traditional models. This has several implications, the most basic of which is that a burst of recruiting for non-traditional IT roles will occur not very far into the future. The question is how. So we have listed our top 3 pointers to lead you in the right direction:


Why People Analytics is a win-win tactic

Posted: 2014-12-04 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
business manGranted that the internet is the biggest boon of our times, and information is power, but with the burst of social media and the subsequent arrival of cloud storage and big data, things are getting kind of complicated. And that is mainly because we are being bombarded with so much information that it's mind boggling.
But for those who are trained to analyse this deluge of information, there is a lot to gain. If you are on the prowl for employees with these skills, you need to make sue you are aware of the latest trends in this emerging field. Two little words will get you on the right track right away: People Analytics.

Designing A Perfect Data Scientist

Posted: 2014-11-23 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

Data Scientist - image:'High-demand jobs' - the term really says it all. Not only are the professionals in this field few and in high demand, they can also be highly demanding when it comes to a pay package. Plus, there aren't any degrees as such that you can go by on account of it being such a new phenomenon. Therefore, we give you some pointers to ensure that you don't hire wrong - a move which could be catastrophic for your company if the candidate doesn't perform or creates an unhealthy environment in the office and more importantly, to make sure that your company doesn't lose out on a valuable customer.

Is Your Tech Business Rooting For Women?

Posted: 2014-10-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Woman with childWomen are under-represented in many high-earning fields in the professional sphere, be it in the tech world or in politics. When you find women in senior positions, it often happens that they don't get the same pay as their male counterparts, irrespective of whether they have maternal duties or not.

Three virtues you should look for in sales candidates in 2015

Posted: 2014-10-24 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
businessmanAre you sometimes frustrated because no matter how many hours you put in in order to prepare yourself for picking the right sales candidate, you often seem to end up with the wrong person? There may be many reasons as to why your hiring process is all wrong.

5 Questions you need to ask yourself while interviewing a candidate

Posted: 2014-09-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Job interviewerHiring a new candidate can be a stressful task or it could be a breeze - it all really depends on knowing the tricks of the trade rather than how many hours you are putting in to research your candidate's background and analyse their answers or even dress code. Today, with the advent of internet, such tricks are readily available but you have to know what to look for. Similarly, for candidates, life is a lot simpler now. They can google "best answers to interview questions" and "how to de-stress before a big interview" and trick you into believing that they are the perfect people for the job.

Retain superstar talent effortlessly

Posted: 2014-09-04 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

How to retain your best performersEveryone wants to retain a star employee who knows the ins and outs of your organisation like the back of their hand, but in this day and age and especially in certain specialised fields, where employees are in demand and the supply is short, it is not easy at all. Today, many new organisations poach talent. Here are 3 sure shot ways of retaining that perfect person for the job:

How to create the perfect job spec

Posted: 2014-08-28 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
4633165Most recruiting managers know by now that a multilingual jobseeker adds more value than one who is not fluent in various tongues. Still, there are a number of points in creating the right job specifications especially when it comes to hiring multilingual candidates which are still big mysteries. These points are crucial as hiring right in these areas can have a deep impact on your company. Candidates who can hit the ground running in these roles are at a huge advantage as they are much in demand.

Abitur, Doctorat, Suoshi - Which foreign qualification corresponds to which UK qualification?

Posted: 2014-08-15 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Graduate wearing Cap and GownIt is a well-known fact that employers who hire multilingual talent have an edge over those who don't. However, hiring resources who are trained and fluent in different languages is not an easy job and comes with their own set of challenges. For example, you can face problems when it comes to gauging how good a fit they will be in your organisation. Particularly, many are wondering if the qualifications on how CVs from candidates abroad correspond to UK degrees.

How to target the right talent in the digital age

Posted: 2014-08-07 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Young Man with mobile phone walking, background is blured cityThe exposure, information and technology that we have at our beck and call means that things are no longer simple and that the stakes are higher than ever. This is why hiring the right talent for your organisation is imperative.