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How to create the perfect job spec

Posted: 2014-08-28
4633165Most recruiting managers know by now that a multilingual jobseeker adds more value than one who is not fluent in various tongues. Still, there are a number of points in creating the right job specifications especially when it comes to hiring multilingual candidates for Big Data Analytics which are still big mysteries. These points are crucial as hiring right in these areas can have a deep impact on your company. Candidates who can hit the ground running in these roles are at a huge advantage as they are much in demand.
For example, most tend to think that the CV and interview are the most important parts of a hiring process. But while reading a CV, and reading it right, is crucial as is the group discussion or asking the right questions to the candidate before giving them the nod, it is also equally important to post the right information in your job specs. If the job post is unclear or doesn't clearly list the skills that your organisation is looking for, it is very likely that the candidates applying for the job on offer would not be a perfect fit for your team. Here are a few pointers to help you along:

The 3 C's - communicate and co-operate to zone in on the criteria

While creating the right specs, there are a number of points to be borne in mind. Most crucial is perhaps the need to list the criteria that a future employee should fulfill. A good way of going about this could be to talk to the team where the vacancy has arisen and take a poll, which would help everyone to zero in on the top qualities. In this case, communication and cooperation between the employees and the HR department is the order of the day. If you need a multilingual business intelligence expert with 10 years of expertise, then mention it. That will automatically filter out those who have lesser experience as well as those who are not fluent in several languages.


Make sure that the document is precise and to the point, not to mention informative. There should be no rambling or your job specs get too wordy or boring. Many applicants skim over and skip paragraphs in a job requirement post if they find that their eyes are glazing over. If organisations take a job post lightly and fill it up with useless information that have nothing to do with the job requirement, it could deter top talent from applying. If you are looking for a business analyst, then it is no good advertising for a Subject Matter Expert (SME). While the terms are often wrongly and casually interchanged, the fact of the matter is that they are very different roles.
Some hiring managers are reluctant to be precise in their job specs, particularly when the search for technical experts because they anticipate a shortage of candidates if they get too specific. But the more specific you get, the better you paint a picture of the daily responsibilties in a new role, thee more likely it is multilingual candidates with the right skillset and attitude will want to apply.

Consistent and current

It is very important to make sure that the job spec is updated and consistent. If there are contradictions, then it is taken for granted that the prospective candidate will be confused and you won't get the best candidates to come forward. Also, since the duties of the role of the tech and BI specialist or analyst differs from organisation to organisation and there is no rulebook to refer to, it is even more urgent that there is a uniformity in your job specs. 
Multilingual tech experts are highly valued and paid individuals who have no dearth of opportunity. If a candidate finds inconsistencies in a job spec, they will automatically be put off from applying and your company will lose out on a precious resource. 
So it pays off to invest time and effort to get your job specs as detailed and descriptive as possible.
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