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How to target the right talent in the digital age

Posted: 2014-08-07

Young Man with mobile phone walking, background is blured cityEverything has changed ever since the internet became readily accessible to the general public in the nineties. At first, the change was slow (think back to the time when there was no broadband or when Internet on the move seemed more magical than fairy tales) but sure, but soon, the internet became an agent of change like no other. It didn't matter whether you are a student, a journalist, a fashionista or an activist: the ramifications were huge, manifold and revolutionary.

The next big shift was when businesses started moving online. Many dreamt of minting millions in a heartbeat by capitalising on benefits like low setup costs, high visibility and greater customer traffic but the fact of the matter was that the rules of the game were different in cyber space. So while many who did have the right team did become millionaires overnight, other seasoned businessmen and women who were less fortunate faltered in the online realm.

Today, digitisation has reached the pinnacles of technological advancement, and online businesses have reached a new level of sophistication. While start-ups may start out in someone's bedroom even today, the exposure, information and technology that we have at our beck and call means that things are no longer simple and that the stakes are higher than ever. This is why hiring the right talent for your organisation is imperative.

There are certain key traits and techniques that will make handpicking the best candidates for your digital business a breeze:

1.  An appetite for risk-taking 

While all business people need to be gutsy, it is an especially desirable trait in a prospective candidate. This is because it is the only way to grow quickly in the virtual world which is replete with choices and where customers are known to be a fickle lot. 

2.  An analytical mind 

Hiring an employee with an analytical bent definitely deserves two thumbs ups. With big data being the next big thing, data marketing analysts and business intelligence specialists are as useful on board as those with IT skills were about a decade and a half away. A good way of checking their analytical skills is to give them a logic puzzle to do instead of only checking their CV intensely.

3. Social and articulate

It's important that your employee is street-smart, that is, not only smart in a pedantic way. Similarly, when we say "social", we don't only mean in a networking sort of way, but also when it comes to social media, online forums and all sorts of communications. Of course, it's a plus if they subscribe to journals and read up during their free time too. Which is why maybe a written test isn't the best idea.

4. Sincere and hardworking 

Unlike most offline businesses, an online business operates 24 hours a day. So it's important to hire somebody reliable and not likely to slack off when you're taking a break. The right right hand man can turn the company around, and also take it to new heights. This one is not easy to foresee, but the level of sincerity is almost always directly proportional to how passionate he or she is about their area of work. Dig deeper in the right places and you will find your answer.

5.  An eye for art and content 

While this seems like a useless, even bogus, suggestion, it might surprise you as a useful quality. The employee of the month might well be a bloke with no sense of aesthetics (and who couldn''t match his tie and shirt if he was paid to do it) but a certain sense of the same might stand you in good stead. That's because websites and indeed the whole of the internet is more visual than aural, and the one thing that you bump into in every nook is content. Besides, it's been proven that an uncluttered, beautiful design and sensible content retains customers by the dozens. Since multitasking is at the top of the modern hiring manager's list, it can only be a good thing to hire someone who is multi talented. A simple visual test should do the trick and help you to decipher your candidate.

6.  Someone who sells but doesn't oversells 

It is definitely a good idea to hire somebody who not only believes in your business but can also sell it. One without the other is no good in the long run. At the same time, it's important that they are not humbugs or pushy. It's only human nature to get suspicious if someone advocates something a bit too much or to get turned off if someone is being forceful. In the same way that good journalists should not use evaluating adjectives in a review but should let the reader make their own call, so should those selling a product point out the advantages and leave the decision to the buyer.