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Retain superstar talent effortlessly

Posted: 2014-09-04
How to retain your best performersEveryone wants to retain a star employee who knows the ins and outs of your organisation like the back of their hand, but in this day and age and especially in certain specialised fields, where employees are in demand and the supply is short, it is not easy at all. Today, many new organisations poach talent. What they do is simple: they approach employees at highly reputed firms and offer them double or more of the money that they were getting there and persuade them to move companies. Others simply offer a wide range of perks in addition to the money offered to pad up the offer. On top of that, your employee may not even want to share with you the details of their departure in a bid to keep peace and not make war. Here are 3 sure shot ways of retaining that perfect person for the job:

1. Build a genuine relationship with your employees

Rather than trying to convince an employee at the last minute when they have already voiced their desire to leave your company by either offering them a raise or increased perks (when, in some cases, money may not even be the real cause of departure), start early. Moreover, it is as tough to retain a great employee as it is to convince an employee, who has a mind to leave and who has gotten a better offer in hand, to stay back.
Give your employees a pat on their back when they do good work, give them bonuses or a commission when they bring you revenue and overtime. The basic premise is that if your employee is happy at your organisation, there is no need for them to look at greener pastures. If they, however, feel that they are being made happy only temporarily with the ulterior motive of retaining them and without genuinity, chances are that they will go away. Companies which score high on having the best employer-employee relationship reap monetary profits and can even employ people at a rate far lower than their rivals. The loyalty of the employee and goodwill of the company go hand in hand; without the latter, you can not have the former. And if you have the former, your employees will defy all logic, including a higher salary, to stay with you.
Strategic hires can also improve performance of the teams as a whole. People enjoy working with good people, and hiring experts may persuade other high performers in your team to stay with your company to be able to learn from these experts and have fun working with them.

2. Creative freedom and a winning environment

Always remember that for most people, after they reach a certain point in their careers, money is secondary. If they have the flexibility and creative licenses to perform to the best of their abilities in your company, they will never leave you for a raise as job satisfaction and comfort scores higher than anything else. After all, stress at the workplace is one of the foremost reasons for depression which is steadily and scarily rising in the younger generations.
Additionally, it is just as important to ensure that your employees get along as well with each other as you do with them. Organise team bonding exercises, take your employees on trips, invite them to your place for a chill-out session over pizza or beer and get together on special occasions (maybe when you finish a coveted project, for example). These kind of activities outside the workplace allow your employees to form bonds with each other which not only improve their performance at work but which also make them think twice before leaving a good support and friend behind.

3. Show an interest in your employees' career

This is a very important aspect of retention of super employees. The more you find out about the interests and career goals of your employees, the more you are likely to benefit. If you find that a young member of an editorial team is superbly connected to and interested in social media, you can move them to your online team and help them find themselves. By placing them at a department for which they have the aptitude, their desire to work will increase as will the productivity of your company.
They will also crave for your mentorship which can boost up anyone's career manifold. Be selfless and give your employees access to your years of experience, and it will only work out for the best for both parties. If you show your workforce that you are not only interested in making them earn money for you, but in earning money and a better career for them, they will trust you forever. Chances are that a quarter of your efforts will be in vain and people will leave anyway, but look at it as an investment where the three-fourths you retain is a huge return, given the standard that they uphold.
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