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Designing A Perfect Data Scientist

Posted: 2014-11-23
Data Scientist'High-demand jobs' - the term really says it all. Not only are the professionals in this field few and in high demand, they can also be highly demanding when it comes to a pay package. Plus, there aren't any degrees as such that you can go by on account of it being such a new phenomenon. Therefore, we give you some pointers to ensure that you don't hire wrong - a move which could be catastrophic for your company if the candidate doesn't perform or creates an unhealthy environment in the office and more importantly, to make sure that your company doesn't lose out on a valuable customer.

Place equal weight on tech knowledge and resourcefulness

For the professional who is in the drivers seat, the scope is large. The amount of data out there is enormous. The professional needs a heady mix of technical knowhow, common sense and creativity and to figure out what is relevant and what is not, and sail through the job. But that is a tall order so the best bet is to look for a data scientist who has the capability to understand the brief and apply their intelligence to deliver. Because let us face it: there is no one with the time on their hands in this day and age to mentor the newbie. And if the employee is drawing a hefty wad, he or she will be expected to do only one thing: perform.

Understanding of business is a must

Yes, information is power, and today more than ever. But the profile you are looking for calls for another very important attribute and that is a bent of mind that is conducive to understanding marketing and sales. Your man or woman might be a great data gatherer but a bad analyst. Find out if they skip the business section in the morning paper and have been doing so for years. Do a background check to verify that when they say that they have a good judgment of business,  they are not counting on The Apprentice to bail them out. That could definitely prove to be a major dampener because in that case, no amount of hard work will help your candidate to pick up the right information - even though it might be under their nose.  

Recruit from other streams

This might be a great option as there are many youngsters out there who have the required skill sets and need only be trained. This will still be cheaper from professionals who demand inane packages because they know their worth. Your job is to screen your employees and concentrate on interns or trainees who can start young and grow old with the organisation. Most youngsters who are fresh out of college have no idea what they want to be and this is where you come in. A plus is the substantial loyalty they will feel for you for upgrading them and showing them the way - which pretty much means that they won't demand a huge salary either.

Communication skills and good behaviour

Like most other jobs, another big plus point is the gift of the gab or the ability to sell. Your candidate may be brilliant but if he is so shy that he comes across as a snob or is plain ill-behaved, you can bet your salary that he is not going to contribute to the company.