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Hire The Jobless. Seriously.

Posted: 2014-12-29

Job interviewerIf you think that, as a hiring manager, you should only be targeting those who are currently employed, then we should warn you that you are likely to miss out on some of the most suitable and motivated candidates. Gone are the days when it is taken for granted that anyone worth thei salt will be employed, and that if anyone is not, then there must be something seriously wrong with him or her. We have put together a few points that will help you get past the prejudices against hiring someone who's unemployed and help you find your man (or woman).

Target the middle-aged

For a start, nowadays, most folks are not abiding by the old cardinal rule which stated that one is only to leave a job once one has something (preferably better) in hand. Many middle-aged people are unemployed by choice. These people may be, for example, among those who are keen to take breaks because of stressful work environments to do something else for a while - this could be a passion or pursuing a course or simply some time off to travel which a leave structure may not allow.


There may be a whole host of reasons why someone who could be a brilliant fit at your company is unemployed. Maybe they couldn't get along with their overbearing boss and chose to resign. When considering somebody to recruit, it might help to look at superbly performing companies who are known to be employee-unfriendly or sniff around to get wind of a particular boss in your field who may be rumoured to be a nightmare. Their loss can be your gain.

Bias equals ignorance 

Take into account that employees can be leaving their golden geese for other simpler reasons too. Maybe, they had to move cities because their spouse suddenly got an awesome offer in a different part of the country. Maybe, they got way too bored and found that their work environment was so demotivating that they couldn't bear it for one more second. What's more, you may get a great deal!
According to a recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, after a certain income point, money just doesn't have the same enticing power. So, it is seen that employees are leaving jobs if confident of their abilities rather than worrying about losing out on their bargaining powers where their next salary is concerned. Therefore, if your field is a high-paying one, you might benefit tons if you look at the unemployed.

The R-word - Recession

This topic is especially relevant in these times because the whole world pretty much went through one of the worst lows less than a decade ago. Many are fearing the advent of another one. It's true that recessions are a cyclic phenomenon but while they have occurred multiple times since the last 100 odd years, still pretty little has been learnt from it. This is apparent because head hunters seldom look for the unemployed even during a recession - a gigantic mistake. This is because during recessions, many previously high flying employees take hits for no fault of their own. After all, it is one of those occasions when people just get fired without any incitation or  wrongdoing on their part and simply so that the company can survive.

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