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Why People Analytics is a win-win tactic

Posted: 2014-12-04

business manGranted that the internet is the biggest boon of our times, and information is power, but with the burst of social media (and the loss of privacy thereafter), and the consequent arrival of cloud storage and big data, things are getting kind of complicated. And that is mainly because we are being bombarded with so much information that it's mind boggling.

But for those who are trained to analyse this deluge of information, there is a lot to gain. If you are on the prowl for that tip (or those employees) sure to let your business do an about turn in the right direction, then you need to get clued into what these data analysts do and what the trends are. But because we want your business to prosper, today we will let you in on to two little words that will get you on the right track right away: People Analytics.

People Analytics is a data-driven approach to managing and enhancing workforce by attempting to use data to work out a number of issues. The areas where they are in use are numerous and covers the entire gamut from hiring and evaluation to even deciding on who deserves a promotion.

People Analytics is just the improving of the mechanics in management, with help from  insights derived from data. Instead of relying on the assessment of individuals, it basically requires decisions to be supported by information through a highly improved network through which the chances of error are minimal.

Google is championing People Analytics

All the biggest companies in the world have embraced People Analytics which is now being said to revolutionise HR. Google, which is now known to be amongst the first to scoop up the best technology trends, has beat everyone else to the finish line once again by turning to People Analytics, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs, and championing it.

With the objective of unearthing the formula to successful management, the People Analytics teams develop strategies and ideas that identify future problem areas and significantly incorporate the buffers that will help them in controlling those problems. This will obviously lead to big changes in the way the companies function as well as in their policies.

But before you judge this groundbreaking new system as mechanical or indeed sacking-friendly and therefore people-unfriendly, let me remind you that the human race had the same instinctive reaction against computers back in the day when it was feared that they will take away all the jobs! Many doubtlessly feel that it is impersonal. But what do they then make of rounds of interviewing by a recruiter who, like any other human, is strongly dependent on those two qualities that have helped our race advance so--instinct and intuition?

Data is a powerful tool ans People Analytics is one more way that data has risen above us all. And when you consider that companies have been depending on psychometrics and personality tests, even video games, to gauge potential, you can rest assured that People Analytics will push human resources to the maximum.