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Tactics for hiring future tech stars

Posted: 2015-04-27
Busy young woman working at her deskPerhaps the biggest hurdle for any business, be it big or small, is hiring the right talent. This is especially true in the tech field, which is growing swiftly, and where the hiring process is therefore not as straightforward as other fields. Today, recruiting is regarded as a science and hiring managers are rightly acknowledged as the key employees that can turn a company around by spotting the best candidates. We have put together a guide which can help you to identify a prospective employee who will take your organisation to greater heights. Here are the four golden rules:

1. Pinpoint your company's strategic needs

If you are clear about the tasks that the candidate will need to excel in, you have won half the battle. Sit with the team the candidate will be working with as well as the person who he or she will be reporting to. This will give you a realistic idea of not only the skills that the candidate needs to possess but the kind of personality that can be a good fit with the culture of the company. Maybe the team needs a data specialist even if that's not the primary role. Be sure that you have studied the brief carefully so as to understand what is it exactly that the team is lacking and looking for.

2. Cultivate an open mind

It might so happen that a brilliant candidate has an untidy CV. Remember you are not looking for a journalist who has immaculate writing skills. Besides, you don't want to ditch a multilingual genius just because his or her command of English isn't topnotch. Or you might come across someone with impeccable grades - but that's not the be-all and end-all of things. You are looking for a game changer who might be a college dropout - like so many in the tech field, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg for instance. And did you know that Sean Parker, who founded Napster, was hired by the CIA straight after high school and therefore never even attended college? So don't let your mind play tricks on you. Assess the candidate's skill level, don't judge him or her because of any preconceived notions that might cost your company the next Steve Jobs maybe, not to mention a fair bit of money and a sparkling resource.

3. Invest in employer branding

In 2015, it is said that nearly 50 per cent of UK tech firms will hire. There is a great demand for good candidates who certainly have the upper hand. So start building a positive image before even the vacancy arises. Introduce perks such as health benefits or a great insurance policy. Provide free consultations with nutritionists, fitness experts and doctors. Throw in yoga and start optional workshops. After all, healthy employees equal a healthy company. And which candidate in their right mind will object to such perks?

4. Ensure that the hiring process is transparent

Be inventive but also use technology to show prospective employees what a great environment they are missing out on! You can use video chat to give your star candidate a taste of a day at your office and introduce him or her to prospective colleagues (who you might have to coach in advance). For example, Accenture UK makes use of digital interviews because they believe that it provides candidates important insights into their business.
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