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Digital hiring and how to crack it

Posted: 2015-05-11
Social media button on a keyboardYou might think that social media, the definitive technological breakthrough of recent times, is outstanding for communication, journalism, networking, socialising, sharing and disseminating news, encouraging public engagement on various serious issues, marketing and exchanging ideas. But the internet in general and social media in particular is one world where the sky is the limit and impossible is nothing, which obviously means that the latter has not only shaped but revolutionised certain fields. One such area where social media is doing a phenomenal job in is recruiting, especially in the tech sector. This piece will shed some light on how it is so and how the candidate can turn the tables on the recruiters by using the same weapon:

New Rules of the Information Age

With traditional methods of hiring being on the wane in the tech industry, recruiters are no longer only concentrating on qualifications and experience of candidates. Instead, these new-age hirers are looking at the bigger picture and long-term goals. As a result, they are trained to add value and accumulate strength in numbers of those who are blessed with a positive mindset, good communication skills, ambition, sociable personalities or 'soft skills' defined by Oxford Dictionary as "personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people". This, they feel, is  a huge asset, indeed a make-or-break quality, in a prospective employee, which can help the company forge ahead. And this is where social media comes in. Almost every HR department in the UK today checks out a candidate's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram pages to gain an insight into their mental getup. So be aware that you are on a public forum and refrain from posting embarrassing/disrespectful/downright annoying posts and photos that might totally turn off your prospective interviewer, unless you are on top of your privacy settings which have been well figured out.

Exploiting social media like a pro

 Soft skills can not be acquired by sitting for an examination or writing a paper, but as a jobseeker, it is entirely possible for you to make use of the power in your hands and dive into social media to look for that  tech job that will sort your life out. Facebook, for instance, can help you through the vast amount of networking that it allows the user. You can luxuriously connect with ex-colleagues and acquaintances, apart from friends, of course, either through the messaging or chat facilities, seeing as there is no limit on the number of words that can be exchanged at one go, making it very cover-letter-and-resume-friendly. A tip here would be not to ramble - in a professional sphere, brevity is always a good thing. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is geared towards jobseekers and recruiters, and is known to throw up plenty of options to help you with your job search. Many are also known to have contacted (and impressed) CEOs through Twitter which is unique insomuch that it offers you direct contact with public figures who would otherwise be out of your reach and social milieu. The intent is simple: the tech biggies are usually the first in line to use big data, cloud-based hiring tools, intelligence and analytics to scour for talent, so you should be well equipped to maximise your chances too. 

Jobs ahoy!

The rise and rise of social media also means that many jobs are today specifically posted on social media. Not surprising when you think how many companies today have totally banned acceptance of paper resumes. Additionally, many of these posts are well-detailed, giving you all the necessary information that trumps word-of-mouth and how. Moreover, the frequency of new job roles and specialities is the highest in the tech sector, which makes a real strong case for you to keep an eye on these sites, whether you are jobless at the moment or even if you are not.
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