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An Insider's Guide to A Candidate's Mind

Posted: 2015-06-16
As a hirer, your job is to gather the right pool of talent for your organisation. People generally assume that it is the hirer who is in the driver's seat and that the employee is the one at a disadvantage, and as a result, sympathies often lie with the jobseeker. Today, there is a wealth of information for the candidate: an abundance of websites which help the candidate to prepare and ace interviews, books that one can buy with the click of a button or the tap of a screen, trainers who can help them every step of the way, from diction to negotiation. But for hirers, the support is limited. Sometimes, you may have a perfect candidate slip through your fingers, and with it your bonus and reasonable loss for your company. So we have prepared a checklist that will help you to zone in on how to ensure that such things don't occur:
Make the right offer
An interview might have gone really well; you might think that you've got your man or woman on the edge of their seat, biting their fingernails to hear from you, hanging on to every word, but make the wrong offer, and poof! A bad offer - an amount that the candidate isn't ready to settle for - can not only cost you the candidate but also cause a lot of bad publicity. Not only will the candidate be less likely to  reapply, but he or she might also spread the word around. Most applicants look for a new job as much for a hike in salary as anything else, so be careful to offer the candidate his worth and not under quote.
Do your research
Your candidate is more likely to lean towards you - even in case of a marginally better offer from a rival - if he or she feels like they have been able to form a rapport or connect with you. And that will only happen if they respect you. It follows then that you should have more than a fair idea of the role you are looking to find a fit for as well as the tech industry as a whole. This means that you need to be up to date with the tech jargon, news and have a solid foundation so that the candidate feels like he can have a real conversation with you about the scope, his responsibilities and the future of the company.
Be nice
One of the golden rules is to be nice. Be genuine and if you happen to be unaware of something that the jobseeker is talking about, don't pretend. Instead be humble and admit your ignorance which will in all probability lead the candidate to elucidate. Also, if you are well behaved and likeable, the chances of netting the person you are interviewing is quite high. Most people are looking for a friendly, easy environment as much as a good package. Above all, remember: The first impression is the lasting impression and in this case, the impression the candidate forms of you is what he or she makes of your organisation.
Highlight perks
The magic word "perks" can enchant many. Emphasise on flexible hours and work-life balance, family time and so on. Talk about team-building exercises like any fancy (and paid for) trips and conferences that your company's employees are sent on (most tech companies have plenty of these).
Be direct
It never ever hurts to ask a candidate what they are looking for. And then offering it to them if it's reasonable. It may be guidance and a strong mentorship (if he or she is a fresh graduate, for example) or the opportunity to implement ideas and man a certain project with a view to acquiring certain skills (startups, for instance, allow a lot of ownerships and encourage those who like taking initiatives). You might find that giving a candidate what they need is highly beneficial to the company as he or she is most likely to be grateful and also give it their best shot as they are getting the chance to do something that they really want to do.