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Three types of employees every startup needs

Posted: 2015-06-22
Confident businesswoman (image: correctly can be one of those defining factors that can turn a business around. Especially when you are dealing with a start-up. It is essential to not only bring in the right people, with the right mindset, but also to place them strategically, in roles that will benefit the organisation and also them personally. Only then is it possible to create a quality product, a brand with a strong presence, and a loyal base of regular customers who will increase your sales margins every day.
It's no wonder then that this is no easy task. What ends up happening often is a sad case of mishiring and firing, which leads to a lot of problems for both the company and the employee in question. Sometimes, the company is able to train the individual, groom him or her for a role or design specific roles that will fit him or her like a glove by taking advantage of his or her unique qualities and abilities. But not often enough. The problem can be circumvented entirely if, during the hiring process, you look for the kind of employees that every start-up needs. Therefore, we have formed a template that will point you in the right direction:

The Tech Thinker: 

A new company is essentially a new or old idea through which you can make money. The better the idea is, the more are the chances to make money. Therefire, you should stock up on people with shrewd minds and big ideas. Hire thinkers who think laterally or out of the box; often the right ideas are the simplest ones that are staring at your face. The solution to the problem may be simple, and simple always works way better than complex. One problem often encountered with thinkers is that they tend to be eccentric, impulsive, difficult. So, in the interview, make sure that you pose questions that will help you understand if they are prone towards these problem areas or not. Since tech is a field that is rapidly evolving, you would also want your thinkers to be good communicators. This way, you can add some super strategists to your teams on various levels.

The Executor: 

This is the person who does the job (as per the strategist's vision) and thus a really important cog in the wheel. You may have brilliant thinkers, but if the doer or the person who translates the ideas into reality isn't up to the mark, then all your efforts are in vain. It is absolutely crucial to have strong, passionate team members who will not accept work that is shoddily done and who will strive to produce an end product to the best of their abilities. They need to be hard-working, obsessive to a certain degree even (perfectionists necessarily are) and organised. They may have their own system of work, so must be given a decent amount of freedom to do what they do best. Since the executor's job, in most cases, will be creative in nature, partially at least, it is essential that they work in a democratic environment, the absence of which can lead to a total fiasco. It's important the person you are interviewing has the above skills along with a fair share of intelligence as the candidate requires the kind of smarts to translate theory into practice, something that a degree and bookish knowledge won't be able to necessarily provide you with.


The Seller: 

So now that you've got the thinker and the executor, you think you're all set. But you are really never set till you've gotten the marketing part of it right. That's where all the money comes from. The Seller is that guy who is ultimately responsible for increasing your profit margins and shooting up your revenue year on year, allowing you to expand your company and making it a force to reckon with. While he or she does't have to have the brains (like the thinker) or the lucid thinking of the executor, he or she must have a positive attitude, go-getting spirit and confidence to make you moolah that will have you laugh all the way to the bank. They can lack basic etiquette or intelligence and can be loud or obnoxious sometimes; as a start-up, you have a relatively small team and you may just want someone who can get along with the rest, not a team member who will brag all day long. 
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