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Get A Move On - Early On!

Posted: 2015-07-17

young athlete on startIt is hardly uncommon to be confused when thrown into the big bad world of jobs once your studies are over, even if the field is one that is as booming as the IT sector in the UK. To make sure that you are on the top of your game, we have put together tips on what you can do from your end before you finish school:


Starting early is important. As you can imagine, recruiters do look for candidates who are mature and seasoned; hence make sure that you are not only scoring big as far as your academic grades go. It is indeed equally important to gather work experience, or more. So look around for a job before your graduation -- at least in your third year if not before -- yes, now is the time to make sure that you put your breaks to good use. Find placements or internships if you can't find a temporary or part time job. Since the demand is high, it is quite easy to snag one if you are fully focussed and driven.

Look at job sites (CW JobsThe IT Job Board and Technojobs, for instance) and also official company websites, sign up for notifications in case a vacancy crops up, and prepare a decent cover letter that highlights your passion for your chosen role. If you perform really well, you might be absorbed in the company at the completion of your placement -  which means you might have a job before you even graduate!

Insight programmes

Since the field is one that is having a period of rapid economic growth globally to a certain extent, there are lots of options available now that were not available in, say, the nineties. Not only are a fair number of degrees coming with industrial placements, some big companies are also coming up with insight programmes for which they are targeting young students - those in their first or second year. If you do well and manage to make them notice you, it might bode very well for your career indeed. They may not offer you a job then and there but they will definitely bear you in mind and might even offer you work experience, a bursary to finish your course or a place on a graduate scheme; and for a green horn like you, it will sure mean a lot for your confidence level and impact you positively.

Keep Busy

Say you don't get offered an IT-related job straight away. Don't panic! Get a job, any job. Not only will that help keep you busy but it will also help you better transferable skills that will help you in the long run. For example, taking on a client- or customer-facing job will help your communication and soft skills. This will definitely be something that the hiring manager will take into account during your interview process as IT isn't all about programming and codes.

Prepare a super CV

Start with a paragraph that informs the hirer about your pertinent skills and experiences. Since some recruiters may not be well-versed in IT jargon, keep your CV simple but informative. Focus on how you can think out of the box and find solutions. If you can crack this code, the job is as good as yours.

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