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May 2014

Checklist for hiring talent in analytics and business intelligence

Posted: 2014-05-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Confident businesswoman (image:'d think that recruiting multilingual candidates especially in the area of business intelligence and Big Data marketing analytics is not an easy job. The cross section of employees who qualify for such positions must be highly valued. While it is true that they are, it is also true that it does not boil down to the extent of technical know-how.

How to hire bilingual talent for the first time

Posted: 2014-05-23 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu


Hire me (image: a bilingual candidate to your team can be a tricky job, more so the first time when you know that they will be an asset to your company but are not sure what kind of incentives they might want in return. You don't have to be a bilingual to count the advantages of knowing how to communicate in two different language. It opens new avenues when it comes to job seeking, and even new markets in whatever field you may be. After all, it boils down to one thing and one thing only: better communication.

How to become a most wanted employer for multilingual talent

Posted: 2014-05-15 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
A diverse attractive man and woman business team handshake at office building (image: an inclusive culture at work can encourage employees to be more driven, involved and engaged. Gone are the days when there was nothing but an air of professionalism in the office air; now, not only are there team building exercises in almost all sound companies, no matter how small, but nearly all big corporate houses have their very own counselling departments lest it all gets a bit too hectic.

Attracting the right candidates: It's not (just) about the money

Posted: 2014-05-07 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
job interview (image: much pay should I offer? Many UK businesses looking for French or German-speaking talent often ask me this question. But while compensation and benefits are an important factor for bilingual candidates when deciding where to apply, it may come as a surprise to some that it is not their top priority.