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June 2015

Getting the timing right: Which month is best to apply for a tech job?

Posted: 2015-06-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Mark the calendar to go to a new jobThe tech jobs of today require strenuous hours and some serious sacrifices, so setting up an atmosphere slated for success is the best way to proceed. Amongst the various hacks on how to bag that elusive tech job is also the oft neglected aspect of timing. It's true that being at the right time at the right place can up your career. While most candidates concentrate on fishing out the perfect references on penning an impressive cover letter, they fail to bear in mind that snagging the job can, at the end of the day, one thing is central: timing, timing, timing. â€‹

Three types of employees every startup needs

Posted: 2015-06-22 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Confident businesswoman (image: correctly can be one of those defining factors that can turn a business around. Especially when you are dealing with a start-up. It is essential to not only bring in the right people, with the right mindset, but also to place them strategically, in roles that will benefit the organisation and also them personally. Only then is it possible to create a quality product, a brand with a strong presence, and a loyal base of regular customers who will increase your sales margins every day.

An Insider's Guide to A Candidate's Mind

Posted: 2015-06-16 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
As a hirer, your job is to gather the right pool of talent for your organisation. People generally assume that it is the hirer who is in the driver's seat and that the employee is the one at a disadvantage, and as a result, sympathies often lie with the jobseeker. Today, there is a wealth of information for the candidate: an abundance of websites which help the candidate to prepare and ace interviews, books that one can buy with the click of a button or the tap of a screen, trainers who can help them every step of the way, from diction to negotiation. But for hirers, the support is limited. Sometimes, you may have a perfect candidate slip through your fingers, and with it your bonus and reasonable loss for your company. So we have prepared a checklist that will help you to zone in on how to ensure that such things don't occur:

How to hire for cyber security roles

Posted: 2015-06-16 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
The IT industry is a behemoth, and the roles are varied. A myriad of new roles are popping up every other day as the technologies get more and more complicated; now companies are hunting for technology brokers, user experience gurus, cloud integration specialist and so on. Some of the roles which have however stayed as important, that is if they have not gathered more steam in fact, are those that fall in the purview of cyber security. This is because the UK today recognises cyber attacks as a high priority risk. And it remains a tough spot to hire for even today. Here is a list that will help you recruit for a job in this area:

How to bag that dream job

Posted: 2015-06-11 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
The IT job market of Britain is on s high - it is growing, developing and flourishing-- which means that there are lots of dream jobs out there, but also a fair bit of competition, to put it mildly. Which is why you need to polish your interviewing skills before making an appearance at that make or break interview with a coveted organisation where you want your role to be more than a cameo