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Advice for candidates

Get A Move On - Early On!

Posted: 2015-07-17 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

young athlete on startIt is hardly uncommon to be confused when thrown into the big bad world of jobs once your studies are over, even if the field is one that is as booming as the IT sector in the UK. To make sure that you are on the top of your game, we have put together an array of tips on what you can do from your end before you finish school:


Getting the timing right: Which month is best to apply for a tech job?

Posted: 2015-06-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Mark the calendar to go to a new jobThe tech jobs of today require strenuous hours and some serious sacrifices, so setting up an atmosphere slated for success is the best way to proceed. Amongst the various hacks on how to bag that elusive tech job is also the oft neglected aspect of timing. It's true that being at the right time at the right place can up your career. While most candidates concentrate on fishing out the perfect references on penning an impressive cover letter, they fail to bear in mind that snagging the job can, at the end of the day, one thing is central: timing, timing, timing. â€‹

How to bag that dream job

Posted: 2015-06-11 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
The IT job market of Britain is on s high - it is growing, developing and flourishing-- which means that there are lots of dream jobs out there, but also a fair bit of competition, to put it mildly. Which is why you need to polish your interviewing skills before making an appearance at that make or break interview with a coveted organisation where you want your role to be more than a cameo

Acing the interview: Tips and sample questions

Posted: 2015-04-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Business people waiting for job interviewAt any job interview, the goal is to answer questions, professional or personal, in a way that the interviewer is impressed and so that you can land the job. For the same, one needs to do their homework and either be confident or project an extremely confident image in case one finds oneself blanking out. In such situations, it is also an art to avoid, or be ambiguous about, certain questions without seeming dodgy or vague. Today's interviewers, especially in the tech field, are well-versed with tactics that will put pressure on you and test your limits, and often ask questions which may have nothing to do with the field: it could be related to current affairs or could be something that requires presence of mind or it could be a complete test of wits.Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

IT specialists: How to negotiate the best possible pay package

Posted: 2015-04-08 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
handshakeSo you have got yourself a job offer for an exciting IT specialist role - congratulations! But without the right know-how on the crucial next step of salary negotiation, you could lose out. Candidates whose worth might otherwise be much higher in the market, might find themselves given a raw deal. Having the smarts to negotiate an offer is a quality that is valuable in any field, and more so in the tech industry. I have often seen candidates making the same mistakes. Here are the top pitfalls you should avoid:

5 ways to escape the experience conundrum

Posted: 2015-01-30 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

Graduate wearing Cap and GownThere are many ways around getting a job that you are fit for but you think you lack the experience in. If you are confident of your skills and think you can perform, meet your targets and deadlines and benefit the company, then little should stand in your way, least of all work experience. After all, how could we ever become experienced bilingual specialists in any job, if every new position requires you to have previous experience already? Here are some tips that will help you escape the experience trap and land the multilingual job of your dreams.

Never close the door on your potential next dream job

Posted: 2013-10-01 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, Twitter and other social networks have changed the way in-house and agency recruiters are sourcing and approaching candidates.

Get a new job this summer

Posted: 2013-07-15 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Get a new job this summer

What are your chances to start a new job in the summer?  
"I will be on holidays for two weeks and most of the hiring managers may be off, too. I’ll better wait until September or early next year to seriously look for a better job. And I am busy anyway, enjoying the sun, being out on weekends…"

How to find a competitive salary package

Posted: 2013-04-29 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu

How to find a competitive salary package

Employers looking to recruit a specialist from abroad need to ask themselves: 'What compensation package should we offer to attract the desired calibre of candidates?' At the same time, French or German candidates looking for a job in the UK need to be clear about their salary expectations.

Interview Preparation: The Basics

Posted: 2013-01-14 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
Interview Preparation: The Basics

I personally brief my candidates on everything I know about the company, the hiring manager and about the role description. I always encourage them to go the extra mile preparing themselves for an interview to make sure that they secure a job offer. But as a candidate, you should never, never forget the basics.

The five most common mistakes when writing your CV

Posted: 2012-11-16 | Author: Brice Gouedreau Limbu
This blog post is aimed at anyone looking for a job in the UK. Some of you may laugh reading the tips thinking, "I would never do that!" But believe me, everything I list below comes from my 5 yearsä experience reading hundreds of resumes a week.